San Blas Islands, Panama

San Blas Islands, Panama

San Blas Islands, Panama (credit)

Ranked #10 in Panama Tourism

The beauty of nature and traditional and simple lifestyle is what describes San Blas Islands the best. It is an archipelago which consists of more than 300 islands and cays, which means that it is not a site that can be explored in a day.

San Blas Islands Attractions

There are lots to do and see on the islands. Firstly, you will be surprised about Kuna Indians – they still have maintained their customs, yet there are very hospital and friendly towards tourists thus giving you a chance to get to know their traditions. While having an organized tour you will be also offered to participate in such exciting activities as river expeditions and traditional fishing. Enjoy the simplicity of life at the same time fully experiencing the remarkable nature and rich culture of San Blas Islands!

San Blas Islands - Kuna Indian's House

San Blas Islands – Kuna Indian’s House (credit)

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