Safaga, Egypt

Diving in Safaga

Diving in Safaga

Safaga is a city by the Red Sea, approximately 55 km from Hurghada. The city was founded in 282 BC and the majority of its population of 35 000 citizens work in tourism. Safaga is a port which is connected with Jordan and South Arabia with sea-path.

Safaga Attractions

You will find long, sandy beaches in Safaga where you can observe many small islands in the sea. The tourism of this port is based on diving and other water sports. The water of the Red sea contains many minerals that are good for the skin, especially for people who suffer from arthritis. In 1993, a world wind-surfing championship took place in Safaga. North from the city, a corral reefs can be seen and one must be careful while diving as there are some aggressive sharks swimming around.

Mons Claudianius

Mons Claudianius

Mons Claudianius is another popular tourism site in Safaga. Built in 68 AD, these ancient Roman ruins stand there as a proof of once powerful empire.

Even though the weather in Safaga is very nice and warm throughout the year, periods from February to June and September to November are particularly nice since then the air gets as warm as 30 degree C. The water often reaches the temperature of 28 degrees, and that is why the region is so popular among the divers.

Safaga Diving Spots

The most popular spots for diving are the Abu Kafan reef, the Panorama reef, Ras Um Hessiwa and Sharm El-Naga. Diving in the Salem Express can be a truly unique experience. The Salem Express sunk in 1991 and its wreck is lies in the Red Sea. It is allowed to visit the wreck; however, some companies will refuse to guide you there because of the ethical issues. But it doesn’t mean it is impossible to do so. In fact, visiting the site is something strongly advised for those who are fond of diving.

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