Russian People

Russian people are prideful people – proud of their country, proud of their ancestry, and are rather unapologetic about it. The men of Russia are generally rugged, tough, and are expected to open doors for women, pull out seats, etc. Russian women are very much devoted to their family, starting from the very moment they start dating a man, but doing whatever they can to support the family. Russian people as a whole appreciate and hold in high esteem their family, and that extends beyond husband, wife, and child. Marriages have been known to be arranged, but in today’s time that is not always the case.

Russian People

Russian People (credit)

Russians like to know that whoever they are conversing with is trustworthy, so when someone apologizes constantly, it can make them become weary. Russian people also do not like to be second-guessed.

The majority of those who reside inside of Russia speak the federal official language of Russian. Other languages that are not as prominent vary from Tartar to Ukrainian, from Mordvin to Chechen, from Chuvash to Bashir and the list continues to go on. The additional languages do not have an impactful presence that reaches throughout the majority of Russia but are instead heavy in remote locations.



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