Rotuma Island, Fiji

Ranked #7 in Fiji Tourism

Rotuma is a small volcanic island, situated 465 km north from the Fiji island. Rotuma differs from other settlements of Fiji because of its ethnic minority of Rotumans that have their own characteristic appearance (more Polynesian) and language.

Rotuma Island, Fiji

Rotuma Island, Fiji (credit)

Rotuma Island Attractions

There are no hotels on the island. However, this is a great advantage since it has resulted in numerous guest houses being established which is a great way of exploring the hospitality of the Rotumans -  probably the most valuable highlight of the island. For a superb view on the island, climb up Rotuma’s highest peak, Mt Suel-Hof. Another must-visit site is Sisillo Hill graveyard where the ancient kings are burried. Some of the best beaches are situated in Rotuma, such as Lofa and Qinafa. 

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