Roman Aqueduct, Segovia

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Built somewhere around the end of the 1st to 2nd centuries CE, the Roman Aqueduct is one of Rome’s greatest surviving engineering marvels. It’s no small feat, comparable even to modern-day standards of aqueduct construction.

Roman Aqueduct, Segovia

Roman Aqueduct, Segovia (credit)

Roman Aqueduct Attractions

This ancient wonder stretches from the walls of Old Town all the way to the Sierra de Guadarrama edges, making it a whopping 2950-feet long. However, for all you perfectionists out there, it’s only 900-feet where the arches are divided into two disparate levels.  The miracle of constructions rests in how these arches are made: rough-hewn granite blocks, joined with no help from mortar or clamps, not to mention the sheer size of the blocks adding to the incredulity. Two tiers hereabouts have sections that tower at 115-feet, and there are so many other historical elements to this zone which could well be one of Spain’s proudest possessions.

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