Rhodes Island, Greece

Rhodes Island, Greece

Rhodes Island, Greece (credit)

#5 in Best Places to Visit in Greece – Rhodes Island is one of the most famous, and also rather exceptional, islands in the Greek line. The largest of the Dodecanese islands and the largest in the Aegean Sea, Rhodes is so beautiful it’s been termed ‘Rose of the Aegean’.

Rhodes Island Attractions

Aside from being a Hollywood favorite, this island possesses a wealth of history and culture for you to soak up. You can see all of Greece on this one landmass, if you take the time to explore it. The history you’ll find here in places like the 200-m long Knights’ Street and the 1851 Clock Tower is wonderfully balanced with modernity in the form of eateries, hotels, accommodations, beaches, shopping, nightlife and more. Old Town and New Town each have amazing sights and things to do so be a part of that dual Rhodes magic. There’s so much else to do on this spellbinding Greek island that words can’t begin to describe what you can experience here.

Beach at Rhodes, Greece

Beach at Rhodes, Greece (credit)

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