Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador (credit)

Built in area that used to be a major settlement of the ancient Incas, the capital of Ecuador, Quito, is a grand city with a rich cultural and historical heritage. Quito was the first city to receive the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Quito Ecuador Attractions

Visiting the Old Town of Quito is a must for the tourists since some of the most amazing architecture of 15th till 19th century (various churches, plazas, etc.) can be seen there. La Compania church in Quito is believed to be one of the most beautiful religious buildings in the while continent.  There are also lots of museums in the capital; Museo Mindala and Museo Guayasamin are just a couple to name.Quito is a superb destination for shopping since you will find lots of local craftsmen selling their goods all over the city.

Museo Guayasamin

Museo Guayasamin (credit)

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