Pompeii, Rome, Italy

Ranked #6 in Italy Tourism

Vesuvius Volcano Eruption - PompeiiOnce a gorgeous and bustling city in the Ancient Rome, Pompeii remains uninhabited today. Its a well-known historical site, which has remained untouched due to the heavy layer of ashes which on one fatal day covered the city preserving thousands of valuables and stories.

Today an outdoor museum is established there and its guests have a unique chance to get to know this city with everything that was buried, but now excavated and exposed for public viewing.

The great happening, which changed the life of the city and its inhabitants, was the eruption of Vesuvius volcano, which occurred on August 24, 79 AD. About 20 000 people were killed that day, but due to the ashes, the city and its people, each one of them being busy with something at that unexpected moment, were preserved exactly in the same form and postures they were having during that disastrous instant.

However, Pompeii was not the only city affected by the catastrophe – the people of the nearby city of Herculaneum were also taken unaware and “frozen in the time”, giving us today a chance to get to know about the happenings and sufferings of that fateful day.

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