Pink Hutt Lagoon, Australia – A Commercial Salt Lake

Ranked #2 of 8 Top Pink Lake in the World. Hutt Lagoon is a pink lake in Western Australia that gets its color from the algae in the water that produces a pigment. The salt content in the lake is the reason this particular algae flourishes. The salt content in the pink Hutt Lagoon is the result of underground sea water seepage from Indian Ocean. If you plan to get here, the  nearest town/city to Hutt Lagoon is Gregory, a small town in the banks of Hutt River.

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Hutt Lagoon Trivia

  • Best time to see Hutt Lagoon is at dusk and dawn when the lake turns dark pink. Images of Hutt Lagoon are below.
  • Hutt Lagoon Commercial Purpose: Has the largest world’s largest microalgae manufacturing centre.
Pink Hutt Lagoon, Australia

Pink Hutt Lagoon, Australia

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