Philippine Sea – Largest Sea in the World

At 2,000,000 square miles (or 5,177,762sq kilometers) you can be certain that the largest sea in the world is the Philippine Sea. With such vastness come diversity and you can see that in the myriad places this Sea connects. It’s what makes the Philippine Sea ideal for cruise vacations.

Getting to the port on time is one thing. It’s a whole other thing to book in advance. This is crucial, because as hard as it may be to believe, given the cost of such cruises, so many people are able to afford it these days. Meaning, cruises get full faster than you can imagine.

Cruising on Philippine Sea - Largest Sea in the World

Cruising on Philippine Sea – Largest Sea in the World

Cruising on Philippine Sea – Largest Sea in the World

Once you’re all set on what cruise you want to take on the Philippine Sea, make sure you’ve opted for the best. These can be cruises like the 59-night cruise on the Cunard, Queen Victoria, taking you from New York all the way to the South China Sea. Not only do you get to sail the largest sea in the world, you also get to experience many a different water body along your scheduled route. It leaves come January 18, 2013.

Philippine Sea Animals - Whale Shark

Philippine Sea Animals – Whale Shark


The Cunard, Queen Victoria, has many options available and therefore many a departure spot, like the 56-night voyage from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to Hong Kong. Again, knowing the times of departure and the rates are steps in the right direction, and all you need do is go online or to your nearest travel agency and glean the details.

The Philippine Sea was host to the Battle of the Philippine Sea which began on 19th June and ended the next day, in the year 1944. To all those savvy with the date and the important war that took place then, this battle was a signature navy face-off during World War II. It basically saw to the Imperial Japanese Navy being denied the chance to realize large-scale carrier actions.

Philippine Sea Coral Beach

Philippine Sea Coral Beach

On an educational cruise, you’re sure to learn all about this and more. If you’re on an entertainment cruise, chances are you’ll at least hear this being mentioned and detailed for at least ten minutes.

To be on the Philippine Sea is to visit the Philippine Sea Plate. Granted, it’s too deep for a dive, but you do get to pass it by, depending on the ship you’re on. This tectonic plate is a very important part of Earth’s history and the overall interconnectivity of tectonic plates themselves. The experience can get quite hair-raising.

When you’re on open Philippine waters, you’re sure to sense the climate just as much as anything else. It’s certainly windy and depending on the season it can get warm or temperate. It’ll feel like the ideal summer cruise, so to speak.
The Philippine Sea is a beauty to rival most others. From the marine life to the diversity of the locations it connects, you can’t help but stand in awe of her vast glory.

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