Peruvian People

One of the official languages of Peru is Spanish, but Quechua and Aymara also hold the status of being an official language of Peru. Many of the Peruvian people are inflicted with a poverty lifestyle, but that does not dissuade them from remaining hard workers and being grateful to live in Peru. Peru is a diverse country, with races such as Asian, African, European, and Indian, most of the Peruvian people are Indian and the others are minorities in comparison.

Peruvian People

Peruvian People (credit)

The country of Peru is first and foremost a mostly Catholic country, which is no surprise considering its connection to Spanish. Even though Catholicism wins by a landslide, there are some who choose to believe the native religion, giving praise to Pachamama – Mother Earth, whom they deem a goddess.

Peruvian people enjoy festivals and other social gatherings. They have a celebration nearly every month in the calendar year, sometimes more than once a month! The costumes they don and the stories they tell during some of the festivals gives a perfect glimpse into their religion. One festival in particular, The Reyes Magos, is a celebration that tells of the wise men that visited Jesus and the generosity of their gift giving.


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