Pantanal, Brazil – Wetlands Beyond The Amazon

Pantanal is another option for adventure travelers. Beyond the Amazon, the Pantanal region in Brazil is a large tropical wetland with diverse flora and fauna supported by its ecosystem. The experience is quite similar to the Amazon, but you need less time in comparison and its as tough & exciting. Ranked #7 of 10 in Brazil tourism.

Pantanal, Brazil - Wetlands

Pantanal, Brazil – Wetlands

Pantanal Tourism

ArrivingWe recommend a minimum of 3 days in Pantanal, Brazil. Your day will start with a flight to Campo Grande (the nearest city) airport. Depending on your tour plans, the options to get into the wetlands range from taking a tour bus/car from the city for a long drive (it is really hot and humid around here) or a 1 hour flight on a small plane over the mountains into the Pantanal plains to your lodging arrangement.

Pantanal animals - Jaguar

Pantanal animals – Jaguar

Pantanal Animals & Activities

While activities in Pantanal will be determined by the tour you take, here is what we recommend. There is plenty of wildlife ranging from marsh deer, capybaras, peccaries, monkeys, macaws  and  alligators to the hard to find ones like jaguars and anacodas. Anacondas are more probable in the more marshy areas. A safari boat ride on the Rio Negro River which runs along all of Pantanal and you are bound to see a lot of the wildlife and birds. Some tours also offer horseback riding.

horseback riding in the Pantanal wetlands

horseback riding in the Pantanal wetlands

Watch out! Piranha! Yes, the deadly fish lives in most of these rivers, so don’t be hasty in going for a swim unless the guides give you the nod. We highly recommended fresh Piranha Sashimi while you are in Pantanal!

Piranha Sashimi in Pantanal

Piranha Sashimi in Pantanal

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Preparing for Pantanal

Remember you are going into one of the densest jungles in the world. So preparation goes a long way. Take all the necessary vaccinations (ask your doctor), have a handy medic kit (with first aid necessities, pills etc handy), wear clothes that breath and long pants (no shorts unless you are inviting mosquitoes), full-sleeve tops. Lastly hold enough water/fluids. Your tour guides will have most of the needful, but you can never be too prepared.

Best time to visit Pantanal is in September, October and November.

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