Panama Viejo

Panama Viejo

Panama Viejo (credit)

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Panama Viejo is a great place for those who are particularly fond of history and architectural sites. The role this part of Panama played in the history of Americas is significant indeed since it has been acknowledged as the first European settlement on the Pacific coast of Americas.

Panama Viejo Trivia

The foundation of Panama Viejo dates back to 1519, some hundred years later it was burnt and abandoned, the new city was built a little bit aside from the original spot, yet, in fact, it was one of the reasons why some really old buildings of Panama Viejo preserved untouched. In 1997 it was inscribed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, thus, accenting the importance of the old historical buildings – ruins of churches and cathedrals, domestic houses, streets etc. – and paying particular attention to the fact that Panama Viejo is a site that has to be preserved and just cannot vanish.

Panama Viejo Ruins

Panama Viejo Ruins (credit)


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