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Panama Tourism

Panama Tourism (credit)

Panama is one of the most beautiful countries in Central America. Of all the attractions in Panama, Panama Canal is the most popular attraction and thousands of people visit this beautiful country every year to see this canal.

Panama Tourism – Top 10

Below are the major tourist attractions and reasons why people visit the country.

1. Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is a canal located in the country of Panama running 48 miles. The canal serving as a connection between the Pacific ocean and the Atlantic through the Caribbean Sea. Though the French intended to build the original canal in 1881, the canal was completed by the US in 1914.

2. Panama Canal Museum

The Panama Canal Museum located in Panama City was constructed in 1997. The public-museum has exhibits telling the entire story of the construction of the Panama Canal dating back to 1880 when the French first attempted to construct the canal right up the completion of the canal by the US and eventual transfer to Panamanian ownership.

3. Las Tablas

Located a few kilometers inland off the Gulf of Panama, Las Tablas is the capital of Los Santos, a province in the region. Las Tablas is considered to be the Panamanian center for culture, folk traditions, gastronomy, music as well as art. The town boasts of unique landscapes and climate and is surrounded by ranches and farms.

4. Taboga

Also known as the ‘Island of Flowers’, Taboga is a volcanic island located just twenty kilometres from Panama City. The popular tourist spot boasts of one of San Pedro, one of the oldest churches in the Western Hemispher. The island gives visitors a chance to indulge in several activities such as fishing, hiking, snorkeling, enjoying local and regional cuisine, boat trips etc.  

5. Darien National Park

Declared as a world heritage site, the Darien National Park and is one of the most extensive national parks in Central American making it a rather significant spot. Wildlife such as tapirs, parrots, black-headed spider monkeys, American crocodile and many other species can be found here.

6. Panama Viejo

Panamá Viejo is home to ruins of what used to be the capital of Panama. This section of the old Panama City known as Panamá Viejo was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. Founded in 1519, the city was the very first settlement to develop alongside the Pacific Ocean and boasts of memories of many historical events.

7. Portobelo

Located in Panama’s Colón Province, the port city of Portobelo is home to ruins from colonial fortification by Spain. In fact, these ruins have been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites making it an instant hit with the tourists. In fact, urban development, environmental threats and poor maintenance led the UNESCO to add Portobelo to the list of world heritage sites under threat.

8. Barro Colorado

The Barro Colorado Island was formed as a result of the construction of the Panama Canal which led to water levels rising in many rainforest areas. This transformed hill tops into little islands leading to the formation of the Barro Colorado Island as well. The biodiversity found at this island is something that attracts scientists.

9. Panama City

Panama City is the capital city of the Republic of Panama and is also the largest in the country. With world heritage sites such as Panamá Viejo, Casco Viejo and several others, Panama City leaves no doubt in mind why it is the one of the leading tourist spots in the country. Being located right at the gates of the Panama Canal, the city serves as a cultural as well as economic hub.

10. San Blas Islands

The San Blas Islands is a chain of islands (archipelago) with close to 378 days and islands. The sparsely inhabited archipelago is home to the Kuna Indians which follow occupations such as coconut gathering and fishing. In fact, indigenous people did not allow tourist visits or scientific observation till as recently as 1940s.

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