Palacio Real, Madrid

Palacio Real, Madrid

Palacio Real, Madrid (credit)

Ranked #5 in Spain Tourism

Madrid’s ‘culture-jewels’ are plenty, one of which is the Palacio Real or Royal Palace (also called the Palacio de Oriente).

Palacio Real Madrid Trivia

Unlike the British equivalent, you won’t find a royal family in residence here. That’s because they’ve been living in the comparatively smaller Palacio de la Zarzuela. With rich fabrics and metal going into the décor of the fifty themed rooms herein, the Palacio Real has an additional 2,800 rooms, all of which a guided tour is sure to impress upon your sense of awe. Seeing as how the palace was most in use during the Bourbon dynasty, you’re certain to spot many an influence from that time. From the extensive staircase and majestic throne room to the somewhat odd royal pharmacy with its many strange items and an impressive collection of armor-suits, you’re sure to find unabated excitement.

Palacio de Oriente

Palacio de Oriente (credit)

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