Pailon del Diablo Ecuador, The Devils Melting Pot

In the deep forest mountains of Ecuador is Pailon del Diablo; a waterfall atop a mountainous range that falls below a deep canyon. Reaching the falls made me feel a sense of darkness in the place that could not be explained, something sinister but hidden You can see for yourself in the pictures below. Rightfully the indigenous people in Ecuador call it “El Pail ón del Diablo” meaning “the Devil’s Melting Pot”.

Pailon del Diablo Photos

Regardless of the name many tourists visit Pailon del Diablo throughout year. While it is less known among mainstream tourists, backpackers and getaway tourists love it. There are many views of this place – (1) The suspension bridge en-route Pailon del Diablo, (2) a climb up the mountain cliff will give a view from the mouth, or (3) steps along the canyon that take you half way through the falls.

How to Reach Pailon del Diablo?

Pailon del Diablo is about 20Kms from Banos a small city in the mountains of Ecuador. Your modes of transport is a hired car or bicycles. though we warn you of the uphill ride. For refreshments you can stop at Restaurante Las Hortensias.

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