Oldest Tree in the World

How long can a tree live? A century, maybe two? A millennium? You will be amazed when finding out how many years ago a tiny seed of oldest tree in the world started to grow and has not stopped growing since then.

Oldest Trees in the World

Unfortunately, due to something that should be called a disgraceful mistake, world’s oldest non-clonal organism disappeared from the Earth.

Prometheus Tree - World's Oldest Tree

Prometheus Tree – World’s Oldest Tree

Prometheus was possibly more than 5000 years old pine that grew in Nevada, the USA. Because of the lack of knowledge and misunderstanding, it got cut down in 1964 by a graduate student Donald R. Currey who was not able to completely explore the whole trunk and therefore requested for a permission of cutting the tree down. A district Forest Service ranger gave the permission and only afterwards the public realized the loss of the world’s oldest organism. Only a cut stump of once great and ancient Prometheus has left.

Methuselah Tree - Oldest Tree in the World

Methuselah Tree – Oldest Tree in the World

With the cut of Prometheus, the title of oldest tree in the world now belongs to Methuselah – a pine growing in the White Mountains of Inyo County, California. The tree is approximately 4844 years old and it got its name after a Biblical character Methuselah – the oldest person to ever live.

The samples of the tree were taken on 1957 and only then it was revealed to the public that this tree is even older than Egyptian pyramids. It was already 3000 years old by the time of the 1st year AC. The tree has broken an assumption that only trees, which grow in fertile areas that are rich in water and nutrients, can live for a very long time.

Methuselah is growing in very harsh conditions and yet it is world’s oldest non-clonar organism. To protect the tree, Forest Service is keeping its exact location in a secret. There are many old, gnarled and twisted trees in the area and it is open to visitors. However, which one of them is Methuselah is everyone’s guess.

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