Oldest City in the World

Ancient cities have always fascinated their visitors as the stones remained throughout the centuries keep the history of their amazing culture. Some of the cities that claim to be the oldest city in the world are Jericho, Damascus and Byblos).

Jericho - Oldest City in the World

Jericho – Oldest City in the World

First city-like settlements were established approx. in 10 000 BC in Mesopotamia region when the first settlements with some sort of planning appeared. Later cultures and settlements started to spread reaching Syria and Anatolia. Some of these cities are still inhabited meaning that you can still walk these ancient streets like people did at the time that dates back several millenniums BC. They are never-ending archaeologists’  objects of interest and even though the areas of the oldest cities are not the most fancied ones by the tourists, they truly are worth visiting.

Top 3 Oldest Cities in the World

Jericho – Oldest City in the World

Jericho in Israel is oldest still inhabited city in the world. First settlements there are dated year 9000 BC. Throughout the millenniums, Jericho has been an object of battles and conquests. Greeks, Romans, Babylonians, Ottomans and even the Brits and Israelis during the 20th century ruined and deconstructed the city over and over again. In the Old Testament it is described as “The city of palm trees” so you can probably imagine why the region was so early inhabited. And it still is. In the very beginning there were about 1000 inhabitants in Jericho, nowadays the number has reached modest 20 thousands.


Damascus - Second oldest city in the world

Damascus – Second oldest city in the world

Around year 6300 BC first inhabitants arrived in Damascus – a city that is now second largest in Syria and also a cultural and religious center of the state. There is some evidence of some inhabitants in the region even in the year 9000 BC. However there has not been any proof found that the area would have been largely inhabited before year 6300 BC.


Byblos - Third oldest city in the world

Byblos – Third oldest city in the world

42 km north of Beirut- the capital of Lebanon- Byblos City is located. According to the ancient historian Sanchuniathon, Byblos was built in year 5000 BC by Cronus to be the first city of Phoenicia. Archaeologists are still amazed by the artifacts that can be found in the city. Research showed that the first settlement in the area can be dated year 6230 BC, but the first signs of Byblos as a town are dated 3rd millennium BC.

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