Norwegian People

Norwegian is both the name of the people and the language that is associated with Norway. Norwegian people are very kind, reserved, and they don’t attempt to push themselves on anyone. In fact, they may not even greet a stranger on the street. That is not to say they think they are too good or they are stuck-up, but they keep to themselves. If you address them, they will gladly respond and when they become comfortable, they will talk more.

Norwegian People

Norwegian People (credit)

Norwegian people are very open to different styles of life. Many people are not married before they live together or start a family and they support gender equality. The people of Norway enjoy folk costumes, music, food, and celebrating. One way they celebrate is by having the Norwegian Food Festival at the end of every August. At this festival, the chefs feature an overabounding array of Norwegian food and it draws in thousands of people.

Although Norway does have a state church that supports the Evangelical-Lutheran religion, it does not force people to attend church regularly or to publicly express their commitment or participate in religious activities. Norway supports religious freedom and does not even require its people to believe a certain testament.


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