North Cape, Norway

North Cape, widely known as Nordkapp, is one of the most significant sites in Norway. The cliff reaches 307 meters above the Arctic Sea thus making the site exceptionally picturesque.

North Cape, Norway

North Cape, Norway (credit)

North Cape Attractions

With the first tourist visiting the cliff in the 17th century, Nordkapp has always been the destination of those who seek for unforgettable northern views. More than 200 000 visitors go to the Nordkapp every year, arriving via cars, boats and planes. Nordkapp is a superb place for observing the local nature, charming fishing villages and amazing polar twilight that can be seen in winters. In order to enjoy some of the best views safely, Nordkaphallen building was constructed on the plateau in the 1959 and is now a very popular site among the tourists.


Nordkapp (credit)

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