Nguyen Dynasty Tombs, Vietnam

Nguyen Dynasty Tombs, Vietnam

Nguyen Dynasty Tombs, Vietnam (credit)

Ranked #6 in Vietnam Tourism

This family reigned over Vietnam for 143 years, ending in 1945. Nguyen Dynasty tombs tell their story and are seeded through the land of Hue.

Nguyen Dynasty Tombs Trivia

Each tomb reflects the persona of the ruler, and they are all architecturally appealing and quite interesting to learn about. Tu Doc is called the Poet Emperor and his tomb is amidst a garden surrounded by lakes. On the opposite spectrum, Khai Dinh’s tomb appears dull at first glance, but its beauty is found once inside, decorated with glass and ceramic and porcelain. The tombs of the remainder of the family are all fascinating as well.

Tombs of Hue, Vietnam

Tombs of Hue, Vietnam (credit)

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