Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania is one of the most remarkable sightseeing highlights of the region. This crater or caldera (volcanic feature similar to cauldron) has formed about three million years ago as the result of a major explosion of some volcano. Scientists still have not been able to verify the exact size of the volcano and it is estimated that it could have reached the height from 4500 meters to 5800 meters. Anyhow, today there is a nature enclosure – 610 meters deep, rather closed terrain, which occupies a significant area of about 260m2. Besides, Ngorongoro Crater is a part of Ngorongoro Conservation Area, which was established in 1959.

Every year thousands of tourists choose Ngorongoro Crater to be their travel destination. The main reason and motive is the hundreds of animal species which live and breed there. The number of them is so particularly large due to the enclosed characteristic of the territory. The visitors of the crater have a great opportunity to observe the migration and gaming of such wildlife animals as zebras, gazelles, wildebeests, buffalos, elephants, jackals, cheetahs and many more.
However, it is advised to carefully plot out the date of the arrival. One of the best times when to visit Ngorongoro Crater is the rainy season i.e. from November to April. It is the period when animals migrate on the plains and predators are especially active. For all that do not worry if your arrival happens to occur on the dry season (from May to October). Even though barely any gaming happens in that period, you still have a great chance to watch large herds of animals gathering together by the permanent water sources. The particularly beautiful scenery is also a considerable reason to visit the crater.

Wildlife - Ngorongoro Crater

Wildlife – Ngorongoro Crater

How to get to Ngorongoro Crater

Some practical information: in order to reach the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and wherewith the Ngorongoro Crater, you must get to Arushi, which is situated only 55 kilometers from Kilimanjaro International Airport. If staying in the area of crater or Ngorongoro Conservation Area for a longer period of time, several accommodation establishments of various categories (hotels and lodges) and other hospitality services will provide you with all the necessary favors.
Unique formation, incredible views and exciting wildlife in front of your eyes bespeak lots of visitors which approve that Ngorongoro Crater is certainly a place to visit.

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