New Zealand People

While visiting New Zealand, you most probably will want to spend some time not only traveling on your own or with your travel-buddies but also to communicate with New Zealand people (New Zealanders). It can be casual situations e.g. asking for the directions or socializing in the pub but the main thing that you should know is that if you approach New Zealand people the right way, you will be able to make quite a lot of friends while traveling there.

New Zealand People

New Zealand People (credit)

Almost 90% of the inhabitants are of a European heritage and only about 10% is Maori and Polynesian people meaning that most probably the vast majority of people you will meet is having a western oriented way of thinking and behavior. Even though it is a southern country it is very different from for example South Americans. Warm hugs and kisses on both cheeks is not the common way of greeting the person especially if you meet him/her for the first time. Be polite, use handshake, kindly ask “How are you?” and start the conversation.

The official language of New Zealand is English thus usually there are no communication problems between New Zealand people and tourists. If you have any questions, approach the person kindly and it is pretty sure you will receive back the same nice attitude. Majority of the people of New Zealand have gained quite a decent level of wealth and the social system there works better than most countries so the people are more open and joyful than you would expect!


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