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Netherlands Tourism

Netherlands Tourism (credit)

Known for its rich historical heritage Netherlands is one of the most visited countries in Europe. 

Netherlands Tourism – Top 10

Below are the major tourist attractions and reasons why people visit the country.

1. Amsterdam

One of the largest European metropolises, Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands. This city is situated at the center of Randstad and operates as the top financial center of the country in its capacity as its commercial capital.  It is also the most populous cultural city in Netherlands.

2. Leiden Canals

In existence right from the 17th century, Leiden Canals have been an intrinsic part of the city’s growth.  Built originally for defense purposes, the outer canal surrounds a grid of inner canals that run through the city and operates as a water distribution and management system. Leiden Canals have been used by the city for development, transportation and water management system and is today studded with quaint quays that allow boats to land and depart.

3. Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof is one of the stunningly beautiful spring gardens in the world. this garden features a plethora of flower varieties spread over 32 hectares. The garden hosts inspiring flower shows that attract a lot of visitors from across the world.  Apart from the beautiful gardens, Keukenhof  also features wonderful works of art.

4. Canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is always associated with its waterways. This beautiful city is interwoven with over 165 canals that has helped promote transport and trade and played a major role in the expansion of the city. Canals of Amsterdam continue to define the city’s landscape and character and provide an amazing backdrop of some of the city’s popular tourist attractions.

5. Hague

Hague is a unique city in Holland filled with historic districts and monuments. This government city is located close to the North Sea coast and is home to Dutch Royal families, which is why it is popularly referred to as “the residence city”.

6. West Frisian Islands

West Frisian Islands are located along the border between the North Sea and Wadden Sea to the north of Dutch mainland.  There are a total of five islands situated in a row namely the Schiermonnikoog, Ameland, Terschelling¸ Vlieland and Texel. In terms of population, size, history and landscape, each of the islands have their own unique character.

7. Amsterdam Red Light District

Amsterdam Red Light District is famous worldwide. Here you will find a plethora of peep shows, sex shops, condom shops, brothels, prostitutes beckoning from the windows and even a sex museum. For those who are looking for this kind of enjoyment in Amsterdam, this area has a lot to offer.

8. Walibi World

Previously known as the Six Flags Holland theme park, Walibi World is one of the most popular tourist attractions today. This theme park features a host of fun rides including the hugely popular ‘Goliath’ ride. Other popular rides and attractions at Walibi World include the classic mine cart ride, gentle wooden coaster called ‘Robin Hood’ and ‘The Flying Dutchman’.

9. Arnhem

The large city of Arnhem is popular for being the site of World War II’s famous battles. This city is located strategically on the Rhine River banks making it one of the areas where conflicts continue to abound. It was as recently as 1944 that the Battle of Arnhem was fought here as a part of the Operation Market Garden.

10. Zaanse Schans

A picture-perfect city, Zaanse Schans offers a glimpse of what the area was like in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries all with the warehouses, windmills and workshops. In the past, this city was the industrial hub producing mustard, snuff, paint, linseed oil, paper and much more. Today, most of the homes here are shops and museums and some continue to be private residences.

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