Nepalese People

Nowadays the society of Nepal is formed by various ethnic groups (it is known that there are about 70 linguistic and cultural groups there living side by side!) thus also enriching the experiences of the foreign guests, who besides visiting some remarkable sightseeing highlights are also welcome to learn something more about this culturally rich and diverse nation.

Nepalese People

Nepalese People (credit)

Even though the social structures and customs remain typical Eastern characteristics, more and more often you will see the influence of the western culture and the youngest generation demonstrates it the best. Lots of Nepalese people today can fluently speak English and their fashion is now more western than it used to be some decades ago. The technological development can also be seen there, so if you thought that in Nepal people are still communicating eye-on-eye and they barely have access to the internet, you are quite wrong.

However, there are some features that have not changed through the times for example in most of the cases marriage is still arranged by the parents. Nepalese people still like to stick to their traditions, majority of them are still occupied in agriculture meaning that comparing to the western lifestyle, they are still having a very simple and basic living conditions. However, it is very rare that you hear them complaining. You will see Nepalese people being hard-working at the same time not refusing a help or an advice from a guest.


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