Nariz del Diablo, Ecuador

Literally meaning “The Devil’s Nose”, Nariz del Diablo is probably world’s most complicated train route, a feat of the engineering of the 19th century.

Nariz del Diablo, Ecuador

Nariz del Diablo, Ecuador (credit)

Nariz del Diablo Trivia

Initially, Nariz del Diablo connected Guayaquil and Quito, but due to the tough weather conditions and several acts of neglect, only a part of the original route has remained. Nowadays, Nariz del Diablo runs from Riobamba to Sibambe. The most exciting part of the route starts at the village of Alausi from which a breath-taking steep route leads all the way down to Sibambe. The passengers of the train are not only guaranteed rise of adrenaline since some of the most spectacular Ecuadorean scenery can be observed when riding the train of Nariz del Diablo.

Nariz del Diablo Train Ride

Nariz del Diablo Train Ride (credit)

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