Nakuru – Visiting Kenya’s Rift Valley Capital

Nakuru Kenya Rift Valley - Black Rhino in Lake Nakuru National Park

Nakuru Kenya Rift Valley – Black Rhino in Lake Nakuru National Park

#4 in Best Places to Visit in Kenya - Nakuru is one of the many tourist towns you can visit in Kenya’s Rift Valley. Habitat to many wild animals and considered a haven for birds, Nakuru draws many nature buffs around the world. Thanks to abundant water, in addition to forest cover, agriculture (crops of include coffee, wheat and beans among others) is popular in the region. It is a sight to see forest and agricultural greenery till the horizon. Nakuru is know as bird watchers paradise for the many who come around the bird migration season. Below is a lit of attractions and things you can see while in Nakuru.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Flamingos Lake Nakuru Kenya

Flamingos Lake Nakuru Kenya

Flamingos are the main attraction in Lake Nakuru. They fill up Lake Nakuru feeding on the abundant algae. Other wildlife include warthogs, baboons,  black rhinos (an endangered species), white rhino (also endangered),  lion, cheetah, leopard and many more. Around Lake Nakuru you can also see pythons and water snakes.

Among different species of birds you will see African fish eagle, pelicans, cormorants goliath heron, hamerkop, different kinds of kingfishers.

 Attraction In & Around Nakuru

1. Hyrax Hill is an archaeological site discovered with fossils that speak a lot about the history of Kenya. The site is about 10Kms from  Nakuru.

Menengai Crater Nakuru Kenya

Menengai Crater Nakuru Kenya

2. Menengai Crater is a dormant volcano 10+ Kms from Nakuru. Consider this a full day trip if you are planning to enter the crater (which is highly recommended to see that forest that has grown at the craters base)

3. Lord Egerton Castle – See for your self the grandeur of ester life that Lords in Kenya lived. While not comparable to European castles, its a big one for Kenya.

Nakuru Hotels

1. Chester Hotel: +254 020-2327654 (P.O. Box 2342-20100 Nakuru)

Hyrax Hill prehistoric site Nakuru Kenya

Hyrax Hill prehistoric site Nakuru Kenya

2. Hotel Kunste: +(254) (0)51 2212140 is the phone number (P.O.Box 1369 – 20100 Nakuru)

3. Bontana Hotel: Call +254 20 318774 for reservations(P.O. Box 7009 – 2100 Nakuru)

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