Mutare, Zimbabwe

Mutare is the third largest city in Zimbabwe and the capital of the Manicaland Province. One of the prime reasons why Mature has turned into a very popular holiday destination is its climate. Usually, Africa is known for its hot and humid climate. Surprisingly Mature sports cool and pleasant weather, something that attracts thousands of travelers every year.

Mutare, Zimbabwe - Elephants

Mutare, Zimbabwe – Elephants


The city was founded was back in 1897. It was recognized as a fort during its initial years. The term ‘Mature’ refers to the term ‘Utare’ Utare means gold.

The People’s Market

Mutare is not a conventional holiday destination. This is what makes the place even more interesting. The People’s Market is one of the most popular destinations of this city. Eventhough it is just like any other market, shopping here can be real fun. Even a small stint of buying fruits and vegetables can turn into a laugh riot. The people in the market are very friendly, especially with tourists. Hence, you are never short on entertainment. The market is also very famous for the kind of craft it has on offer. The best way of reaching the market is by hiring a taxi. However, if you want to reach the place in true Zimbabwean style, you are recommended to take a minibus.

The Hills

After the hustle and bustle of the market, you will probably be looking for some solace. Well, Matura offers you plenty of it. The Hills is one of the most pleasant regions not only in Mature, but across the entire country. As the name would suggest, the place offers serene natural beauty. Ironically, it also offers plenty of greenery, something that is not very common in Africa. It is recommended that you hire a taxi or a cab to reach The Hills. It is a perfect place for spending an entire day. You can probably walk around exploring the entire region. However, try and make sure you are accompanied by a few local people or a guide.

Utopia House Museum

The Utopia House Museum is one place you should definitely not miss when you visit Mutare. The museum is located at a distance of about 2 kms away from the main city. It is extremely famous for the antique collection that is comprises of. The interior of the museum is also very well renowned. It sports the look of the early 1900s era.

mutare museum zimbabwe

mutare museum zimbabwe

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