Munda, Solomon Islands

Munda, Solomon Islands

Munda, Solomon Islands (credit)

Located in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands, Munda is the largest community that rests on the island of New Georgia.

Munda Attractions

This location flaunts many dive sites with excellent visibility and visitors are given beautiful underwater sights. Mushroom Island, an island that resembles the cap of a mushroom, is a drastic vertical drop-off that has schools of fish, sponges, corals, and critters. Shark Point has much less of a drop, about 60 meters, and the oceanic white tip, hammerheads, and the silver tip sharks are a few of the highlights for this dive site. Munda has a large library of dive sites in addition to these two mentioned!

Munda - Mushroom Island

Munda – Mushroom Island (credit)

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