Mount Pilatus, Switzerland

Mount Pilatus, Switzerland

Mount Pilatus, Switzerland (credit)

Ranked #8 in Switzerland Tourism

Mount Pilatus overlooks Lucerne in central Switzerland and the view will simply give you no words to express its magnitude.

Mount Pilatus Trivia

The mountain has several summits of varying heights, but the tallest is Tomlishorn, measuring at over 2,120 meters. To reach the top of Mt. Pilatus, the Pilatus Railway was created, and it is a steep ride. There are trails that will lead you to the summits of Tomlishorn and Esel, coupled with other modes of transportation such as a gondola and an aerial tram. An interesting bit of information is the namesake for Mt. Pilatus. It is claimed that Pontius Pilate was buried there.

Mount Pilatus Gondola

Mount Pilatus Gondola (credit)

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