Mount Nemrut, Turkey

Ranked #8 in Turkey Tourism

Climbing up the Mount Nemrut (south-east of Turkey) is a must for the visitors of Turkey. More than 2000 meters high mountain has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since it is one of the marvels of the ancient Turkish civilizations.

Mount Nemrut, Turkey

Mount Nemrut, Turkey (credit)

Mount Nemrut Attractions

On the very top of the mountain, the ruins of the tomb and sanctuary of Antiochus I are situated. Various grand sculptures that depict the heads of local ancient gods and animals erect there. The statues are approximately 9 meters high and among the mythical creatures you will also see the sculptural head of Antiochus himself. Watching the sunset in Mount Nemrut is probably one of the most magical feelings you can experience while visiting Turkey!

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