Mount Kenya National Park in the Great Rift Valley

Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya National Park surrounds Mt. Kenya, the second highest peak in Africa. The mountain is an extinct volcano and is one of the most impressive landscapes in Kenya. Mt. Kenya Park is an excellent place for picnicking, camping, mountain climbing and game viewing.

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How to get to Mount Kenya National Park

Mt. Kenya Park is located in the Great Rift Valley, which is about 175 kms away from the capital city Nairobi. You can reach the park by road or by air. Taking Nanyuki- Isiola road can help you reach the park. You can even access the park Via Embu- Meru road. Nanyuki airstrip is the nearest airstrip to the park.

Mount Kenya is the most important water tower in the country. It fulfills 50% of the country’s water needs and generates 70% of hydroelectric power. It is designated as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is considered to have one of the most beautiful landscapes in East Africa. With its Afro alpine moorlands, diverse vegetation, wildlife and glacier clad summits, the park attracts tourists from all parts of the continent and world.

Mount Kenya National Park Wildlife

Lions in Mount Kenya National Park

Lions in Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya National Park covers 2800 square kilometers. The climate and vegetation on this region varies with altitude.
Mt. Kenya Park is renowned for its pristine wilderness, beautiful glaciers, lakes, tarns and peaks. Its geological diversity is appreciated by all. It is home to mineral springs and unique montane and alpine vegetation, which includes 11 endemic plant species. It is the habitat of rare and endangered animal species.


Albino Zebra - Mount Kenya National Park

Albino Zebra – Mount Kenya National Park

You can spot a range of wild animals in the park, which includes tree hyrax, suni, elephants, albino zebra, white tailed mongoose, water buck, bushbuck, mole rat, black fronted duiker and elands. If you have luck, you can see giant forest hog, leopard, rhino and bongo. Golden cat is rarely seen in the park. It has been recorded that the park is the refuge of more than 130 bird species, which include Ayer’s hawk eagle, green ibis, scaly Francolin, sunbird and Abyssinian long eared owl.
Mt. Kenya is considered as a holy mountain by local communities. They believe their God Ngai and his wife Mumbi live on the mountain.

Attractions & Activities

You can find various accommodation options, including self catering guesthouse and campsites in the Park. The Park is an exquisite destination for camping, cave exploration, mountain climbing and bird watching. If you want to stay overnight, you need to carry drinking water and camping equipment with you. Go to Best African Safari Tours to know more about tours.

Mount Kenya National Park Safari & Tours

Park Contact Information

Simon Gitau Ngugi
+254 722-279502


Postal Address:
Mt. Kenya National Park
P.O. Box 753,
Nyeri, Kenya

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