Mount Athos, Greece

Mount Athos, Greece

Mount Athos, Greece (credit)

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Yet another Greek Orthodox Spiritual center, Mount Athos is a natural wonder unlike so many others in its genre.

Mount Athos Monasteries

Tracing a history back to Byzantine times, this UNESCO World Heritage Center follows traditions that exclude women and children coming here, which if it weren’t so historical could have been removed so everybody can enjoy the beauty of what the Greeks call the ‘Holy Mountain’. The monasteries themselves are laid out in a very interesting fashion, adding depth and architectural balance to the whole place. You’ll find only 20 monasteries are presently inhabited and by 1400 monks total. Some of the monasteries are Simonopetra monastery, Xenophontos monastery, Stavronikita monastery, Agiou Panteleimonos monastery, Zographou monastery and Esphigmenou monastery. From paintings inspired by Orthodox art to Russian touches in other zones, Mount Athos is indeed a place to marvel at.

Mount Athos Monasteries Pictures

Simonopetra monastery

Simonopetra monastery (credit)

Zographou monastery

Zographou monastery (credit)

Stavronikita monastery

Stavronikita monastery (credit)

Xenophontos monastery

Xenophontos monastery (credit)

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