Most Haunted Place in the World

There is an eerie sense of mystery and exciting speculation about ghosts and about places that are thought to be haunted. Here are the most haunted places in the world that attract a lot of interest - Bhangarh Fort – India (Rajasthan), Highgate Cemetery in England, Screaming Tunnel (in Ontario).

#1. Bhangarh Fort in India – Most haunted Place in the World

Bhangarh Fort, India

Bhangarh Fort, India

Bhangarh Fort in India– This fort is located in Rajasthan between Alwar and Jaipur. Legend says that the residents of the palace were cursed by a sorcerer who used to practice black magic. He said that all of them will die an unnatural death and the castle will remain haunted by their spirits forever.  This is a really spooky and eerie fort that stands all alone as people do not want to build a house and live anywhere close to it. It is also strongly believed that any person visiting this fort after dusk disappears. Houses constructed in the area are without roofs as rumors say that the moment they try to construct a roof, the house collapses.

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