Most Expensive Hotel in the World

Although traveling has never been the cheapest way of spending the spare time, majority of tourists seek for value for money and mostly it is referable to the accommodation. However, there are people to whom status and comfort are above all and they are willing to spend large amount of money in order to receive an outstanding service and accommodation facilities. Let’s see, what the most expensive hotels in the world are and what they offer to their clients.

5 most expensive hotels in the world

Hotel President Wilson, Geneva, France

Hotel President Wilson

Hotel President Wilson

Hotel President Wilson, which is situated in Geneva, France, most definitely has earned the title of the most expensive hotel in the world. The most high-priced suite there is Royal Penthouse Suite, which is also the largest and luxurious one in the hotel. The services and all the facilities of the suite are giving a clear view why it costs that much: with the total surface area of 1680 m2, it includes 12 rooms, 12 bathrooms, billiard table, Steinway grand piano, private elevator, fitness center, as well as private terrace and many other elements. The suit costs about $65 000 per night.

Grand Lagonissi Resort, Athens, Greece

Grand Lagonissi Resort

Grand Lagonissi Resort

In order to visit the second most expensive hotel in the world, you have to travel to Athens in Greece. Grand Lagonissi Resort provides an incredible experience to every guest, but, of course, not everyone can afford this kind of service. Serene blue water, private beach, sauna, chef, a bathtub from witch a resplendent sunsets can be observed, are just a few extras to be named. If you plan to enjoy the services of the Grand Lagonissi Resort, be ready to pay at least $47 527 per night.

Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur, India

Raj Palace

Raj Palace

Raj Palace Hotel is a luxurious establishment located in the city of Jaipur, India. This hotel is special due to its heritage legacy – once occupied by Maharajah and now restored it has become one of the best heritage hotels in the world. The hotel offers prestige suits, palace suits, presidential suits, historical rooms and heritage rooms – all very spacious and established with luxurious furnishing. The most expensive suite in Raj Palace Hotel is The Presidential Suite and it costs $45 000 per night.

Four Seasons Hotel, New York

One of the most expensive hotels in the world is, of course, situated in the most famous city in the world – New York. Four Seasons Hotel is a high-class hotel located in the very center of the city and the memorable view from the window of the room costs accordingly. The most expensive suite to book is TY Warner Penthouse Suite, which will cost you about $41 000 per night. The offer includes not only magnificent view on the central park (the room is located 244 meters above the street), but also art elements, luxurious items and superb furnishing.

Palms Casino Resort Hotel, Las Vegas

Palms Casino Resort Hotel in Las Vegas is known to be the 5th expensive hotel in the world. The hotel offers great number of villas and suites. Palms Grand Suite, Two Story Sky Villa, Celebrity Suite, Fantasy Penthouse are just a few to name. They all are very spacious, established with the most modern technologies and luxurious furnishing. Of course, not everyone can afford to spend a night there since the average price per night is about $38 000.

There is small number of travelers who can afford spending a night in some of these hotels, but those, who have had this kind of opportunity, answer for the unforgettable experience which can be gained while staying in such luxurious hotels.

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