Most Dangerous Snakes in the World

Snakes – one of the most extraordinary creatures to be found – have always amazed and scared us. To some they seem like a wonderful beauty of wild nature but to most of us snakes, even the harmless ones, seem like a danger to our lives. Of course, there’s an explanation to that – a lot of stories about poisonous snakes or snakes that have eaten large animals, are often true thus creating this fear most of us feel towards the snakes. Let us take a look at some of the snakes that truly should be feared of because they are considered to be the most dangerous snakes in the world.

Black Mamba - Most dangerous snake

Black Mamba – Most dangerous snake (credit)

Black Mamba – Most Dangerous Snake

The most venomous one is the Black Mamba. The death rate of venomous snakes is often measured by the number of people it is capable to kill with just one bit. The death rate of Black Mamba is astonishing 200 people! This snake, mostly found in Africa, kills 75 per cent of its victims. Luckily, there has been found an advent to its venom. Before that, encounter with the bite of black mamba was fatal to each of its victims. However, you have to be very insistent to make the black mamba bite you as the snake will always avoid any contact with human and will try to escape. It will poison you only when stuck in the corner.

Forest Cobra

Forest Cobra

Other Dangerous Snakes

The second deadliest snake can also be found in Africa. Killing 70 to 95 percent of its victims, the Forest Cobra is another specie to avoid if you wish to stay alive. The Forest Cobra is capable of killing 50 with a bite, and yet some claim it is also one of the most beautiful snakes of the world.

Russel’s Viper is a snake that can be found in Asia, especially Burmese region and it freaks out the locals and the visitors of the area not only because its one bite can kill 150 people, but also because there hasn’t been found any antivenin to its poison so far. In Burma 90% of the fatal snake-bite cases are because of the Russel’s Viper, but it’s overall death rate ranges from 40-92 percent. The effects of the bite of Russel’s Viper depends of the region, but no matter where it can be found, this snake is definitely the one nobody would want to encounter with.

Russel's Viper

Russel’s Viper

Some really venomous snakes can be found throughout the globe, especially in Asia, Africa and South America so taking a look at the descriptions of the most dangerous ones is seriously advised as a part of the planning of your trip if you are about to head to the South.

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