Mont St Michel, France

Mont St Michel, France

Mont St Michel, France

Ranked #6 in France Tourism

France is full to bursting with culture, great food, plenty of fun opportunities, intimidating history and a progressive modern scene. All this and more is what makes the country and her cities so awe-inspiring.

Speaking of cities, there is one that calls an island its own and on this island sits a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Set off the coast of Lower Normandy—which you’ll find in the North of France—Mont St Michel is one tourist spot that will have you dropping your jaw as you look about in awe and wonder.

Not only does this rocky island have its peak graced by the Norman Benedictine Abbey of St Michel, which is a lesson in preservation and history, but the modernity you’ll find here lays claim to the French tendency to appreciate their past and present while leaving the future to come when it may.

Going all the back to the tenth century, you’ll find a history as intimidating as it is beautiful, like on 16th October 709, when Aubert, Bishop of Avranches, built and consecrated a church. History records the deed as being requested by none other than Archangel Michel himself.

In this way, the ages record beautiful things that happened here. Admitted, the rest of them aren’t so supernaturally oriented, but they’re an ode to progress nonetheless. It can get really cold, especially in winter time, seeing as how this is an island open to strong winds from the sea.

Mont St Michel Hotels

Le Mont Saint Michel, France

Le Mont Saint Michel, France

Lodging in Mont St Michel is an affair in paradise. With places like Hotel Formule Verte, Logis Saint Sebastien and Hotel La Vieille Auberge, among other splendid lodgings, you can’t find fault with the analogy.

Grab a bit to eat at the Cafeteria La Belle Normande or, if you’re into this sort of thing, head to the traditional pancake bar La Cloche. The food is simply too delish for words, and you’ll confirm that what you’ve heard about French cooking is nothing compared to actually savoring it. While the previous two locations are child- and family-friendly, a more adult-oriented bar restaurant like La Confiance is worth checking out for all you singles out there.

Shopping isn’t far out of the equation. Find ethnic memorabilia and souvenirs at Aux 3 Croissants, purchase the infamous Mère Poulard’s biscuits and chocolates to go at Le Cheval Blanc, find your rich tastes being catered to at Le Grand Bazaar and you may also want to give the Mont Siant-Michel Supermarket a shot. These are only a handful of suggestions amidst an ocean of shopping delights.

Aside from the infamous Abbey mentioned earlier, you must visit museums like the Archeoscope and also the Maritime and Ecology Museum. The things just waiting to be learned inside those walls are superb to say the least. Check out the rates online, though.

Pack for a nice cool time in Mont St Michel. Nothing balances peace and charm like this small island off the French coast.

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