Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka

Mirissa Beach - Sri Lanka - Blue Whale Watching


Ranked #3 in best Sri Lanka beaches.

If you are interested in watching whales and dolphins Mirissa Beach is where you should go. In fact one of the main reasons tourists visit the beach is to see these magnificent creatures of the sea. Visitors can also go on river trips, go snorkelling in the calm waters, scuba diving, birdwatching in the surrounding forest regions or simply relax by one of the beach side resorts.

Located near the southern tip of Sri Lanka, this is a secluded beach that takes you away from the pressures, busyness, and chaos of everyday life.

Enjoy impeccable views of the sunrise and watch it set behind a hill filled with coconut trees. It is truly a vacationer’s beach in every meaning of the term. The majority of the beach is rock-free, but not the sides. The sides of the beach are good for snorkeling or surfing – left side of the beach to snorkel and right side of the beach to surf.

Best time to watch whales is November to April.

If you are travelling from Colombo, which is most likely the case do visit Galle. Galle has one of the most beautiful old Dutch / Portuguese forts in all of South East Asia and many of the older Portuguese buildings along Old Town.

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