Mexican People

Mexico is known to be a colorful tourism destination, which can offer plenty of exciting sites and, of course, some cultural shock too. Mexican people’s behavior and attitude will positively surprise you and it is only up to you – how open you will be towards them and how well you will remember some of the basic rules and manners that are highly valued there.

Mexican People

Mexican People (credit)

It is not just a myth created by soap operas – Mexican people really are amicable and sociable. When having a conversation with a Mexican, do not get afraid of the closeness, which you will probably notice – to them it is rather normal to stand very, very near to each other when communicating. Do not back away, some of them might find it offensive. However, as you will know them better, do not be surprised if there will be some hugging involved – once you make friends with them, they will not be temperate and they will show the true feelings.

During the stay and while meeting the locals it is very relevant to always keep in mind their situation, backgrounds and lifestyle. Not everyone in Mexico can afford decent living (as to our standards at least), many of them had not been able to get the appropriate education, so you have to be really delicate about showing your knowledge. They will like a great and valuable conversation, but no matter what the topic is, do not express that you would be in some way better just because, for example, you have a degree or even a couple of them. It does not mean that they do not have a deep opinion about certain things, but there is no place for any competition or proving someone wrong. Just be kind, listen and smile – that is the main key towards great relationship with the Mexican people and a reason why you will definitely leave Mexico with many new friends made on your way!


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