Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

New York, New York! People go there for a bunch of reasons, mostly because it’s touted to be the greatest city in the world. From her glorious past to her progressive modern stance, New York has set the standard for a lot of cities across the globe. One of the key means of understanding this is how well they maintain their sense of heritage. The Metropolitan Museum of Art doesn’t attract 5 million visitors a year for no reason. The diversity in this building is on a par with European parallels.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection

Their collection of ancient Egyptian vases is a stunner, portraying important real-life tales from a continent all the way across the Pacific. As far as Greek influences go, there’s a vase where Heracles of Greek mythology grabs the hair of Nessos, the centaur who abducted his wife.

Metropolitan Museum of Art - European Sculpture

Metropolitan Museum of Art – European Sculpture

Roman influences aren’t forgotten, like the one dating back to 69 AD whose head, trunk, arms and legs from the knees down are ancient while the rest of the sculpture was restored with help from Athens’s copy of the same.

Rembrandt’s imaginary portrait, created in 1653, resides in the Metropolitan Museum, where its beauty shines forth for all art-lovers to come and bask in. 400-390 BC is the time-frame in which you’ll find a Greek statue of a lion. The piece was found in Rome but now stands prominently in the Metropolitan. Tiffany glasswork is as infamous as it is old and you’ll find one stained glass work of perfection created by Louis Comfort Tiffany in 1923-1924.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art sitting on 1000 Fifth Avenue is a place where variety and preservation vie for attention, because there’s so much to see and all of it in their best light. The entry fee of $25 for adults can be a bit steep, but is worth every cent as you’ll find out on entering. While members and kids below the age of twelve have it free, seniors get $17 and student face $12. Make sure when the Museum opens and closes so you won’t waste time inside.

Egyptian Art - Dendur

Egyptian Art – Dendur

The Egyptian art collection herein isn’t only one of the most varied and awe-inspiring of them all, but finds its origins in the field of antiquity, dating back to 300,000 B.C. to the 4th century A.D.

You’ve simply got to see the Cloisters. In all of America, this is the only museum where medieval art is given this much dedication in that paintings, tapestries and even gardens all done up in the medieval style are there to impart that ideal museum experience. Fort Tyron Park adds to the awesomeness of it all.



The Met, as the Museum is referred to in short, owns 2 million pieces of art whose info you can glean online and a lot of which gets displayed in the Museum halls proper. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of New York’s proudest landmarks and to have visitors come appreciate it is another thing for the city to be proud of.

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