Meteora Monastery, Greece

Meteora Monastery, Greece

Meteora Monastery, Greece (credit)

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On spotting Meteora Monastery,  an incredible edifice standing on a precipitous rocky pinnacle, the sight is sure to take your breath away.

Meteora Monasteries Trivia

Still considered a place of worship, these six Greek Orthodox monasteries are highly venerated. Their name means ‘suspended in air’ which from the looks of them you’ll understand why. Tracing historical roots back to the 11th century with more recent ones going back to the 14-15th centuries, and more out of which only 6 have survived to date, this monastery holds a singular experience you can’t leave out when visiting Greece. Take the guided tours from Athens and get to see all six of them: Ayias Triadhos, Ayiou Nikolaou Anapavsa, Ayiou Stefanou, Roussanou, Varlaam, and, the very first one built, Great Meteoron.

Meteora Monasteries Pictures

Monastery of Roussanou

Monastery of Roussanou (credit)

Varlaam monastery

Varlaam monastery (credit)

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