Mendoza, wine region in Argentina

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In the western Argentina, in the region of Cuyo, you will find a world-wide acknowledged wine region- Mendoza. It is located near Andes Mountains and is one of the main cities of the country.

Things to do in Mendoza, Argentina

The history of the city is rich and interesting, getting even to the point when an earthquake almost completely destroyed it in 1861. Tourists can visit numerous historical sites; for example, go to the Pedro Castillo Square that was the only place to remain after the disaster. There you will find a museum, where some archaeological artifacts, documents and ruins of buildings are exhibited. Also the ruins of Jesuitical Temple, the first church of the city, is an object to check out when visiting the city.

For entertainment and relaxing, you can go the Sarmiento – a charming street that is full of colorful cafes, small shops, restaurants etc. For culture events, the visitors are advised to head to the Independence Square which is a 1600 m2 area, full of many culture establishments, including Modern Art Museum and a Quintanilla Theater.

Aconcagua Park, Mendoza, Argentina

Aconcagua Park, Mendoza, Argentina

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Mendoza is also a great city for those who prefer outdoor activities. General San Martin Park was founded in 1896 and you will find a variety of objects and activities there, e.g., a zoo, a soccer stadium, an artificial lake and many others. The park is widely acknowledged for its gardens where numerous species of plants can be found. General San Martin Park is considered as one of the best ones not only in Argentina, but also in Latin America.

In Aconcagua Park, you will find many mountain-lovers, as it is where Mount Aconcagua is located. It is an almost 7 000 meters high mountain, the highest one in Americas.

In Mendoza you will find numerous wineries; a lot of them can be also visited by tourists. Mendoza is famous for its high-quality wines. You can also have a dinner to any of the cities excellent restaurants or simply have a nice evening to some of the pubs.

In all, Mendoza is a great mix of historical heritage, winery traditions, culture and outdoor activities thus being a great tourist destination when visiting Argentina.

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