Mayon Volcano, Philippines

Mayon Volcano, Philippines - Eruption

Mayon Volcano, Philippines – Eruption (credit)

Mayon Volcano in Philippines (Mount Mayon) is located in the centre of the Albay Province. It is an active volcano rising to a height of 2462 meters with a base circumference of nearly 63 km. This volcano can be seen from almost all the cities and towns in the province of Albay and from the neighbouring provinces.

It is famous for its perfect symmetrical shape and is referred to as one of the natural wonders of the world. The name Mayon is derived from the word Magayon (meaning beautiful).

Mayon Volcano Facts

Mayon is an active volcano and there has been 49 eruptions in 400 years. The first one took place in 1616 and latest eruption in 2010. The eruption on 1st February 1814 was the most destructive one of Mayon. In this eruption the volcano was giving out dark ash and eventually bombarded the town with fragmented material that buried the town of Cagsawa. People sought refuge in the local church but the whole town was destroyed, leaving just the church tower standing upright.

Mayon Volcano Climb

Reaching the Mayon volcano summit is a thrilling experience. You can see the track of the lava flow and black lava rocks forming from it. The famous ATV ride to the foot of the volcano is very interesting; crossing and splashing small rivers, passing rice fields, going up the hills, small communities and many more. The trek going up the summit is bit hard.

Mayon Volcano

Mayon Volcano – credit

Duration & Gear: You need two days for this trip. Your physical fitness is another important factor.  You will be provided only a tent and basic sleeping bag. Remember to take water, hiking shoes, sun screen cream, climbing gloves, and all that you think is necessary for a rough climb.

The Magayon festival of Albay is an annual festival of Lagazi held throughout the month of April.

Monitoring Mayon Volcano

PHIVOLCS (Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology) headquarters situated on the Lignon Hills monitors Mayon Volcano regularly using Telemetric units are installed on Mayon Volcano’s slopes by which information and is collected.

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