Matobo National Park, Zimbabwe

Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site is no small honor. It’s what confirms the amazing nature of the Matobo National Park in Southern Zimbabwe. From the scenic vistas to the abundant plant and animal life, this Park is home to a lot of things, but mediocre isn’t one of them. They do deserve praise for having an Intensive Protection Zone where endangered Black and White Rhinoceroses are bred.

Matobo National Park

Matobo National Park

Set in the Matobo Hills, you sure can expect some awesome sights and trekking and hiking opportunities too. ‘Bald Heads’ as Matobo is actually termed on translation refers to what the Ndebele King, Mzilikazi, came up with when naming the region. You’ll find his burial site near the Park.

Matobo National Park Lodging

Some great modern accommodations and facilities can be found at places like Hazelside, Whitewaters, Toghwana, Mtsheleli and others. The largest rest area the Park boasts is at Maleme Rest Camp. If lodging is on your mind, you’ll find that here at Maleme. They’re well-equipped and furnished smart. You’ll enjoy them just as much as you would the Park itself. There are exclusive lodges too and these take the form of Imbila and others.

Matobo National Park Attractions & Activities

As with all National Parks of this caliber, one of the best ways to appreciate what it has to offer you is to go camping. Mesilume, Maleme, Mthselele and Toghwana are all Dams where you have some of the best camping sites. Walks are yet another way to go about looking around the Park. Aside from guides who help you achieve this, there are others who take you on pony trails and boating too.

White Rhino - Matobo National Park

White Rhino – Matobo National Park

As long as you have a license gotten from the tourist office, fishing is yours to enjoy here in Matobo National Park. Many an eagle species awaits bird-watcher. There are several more to appreciate. Then there’s game viewing in the Whovi Wild Area, where a sensational blend of 60 animal species and plenty of birds dwell in an ecosystem. Don’t’ forget the black and white rhino species. Each of these two special animals is beautiful and to know that they’re protected from poachers and in a Park that caters to their needs is simply superb.

Nswatugi Cave has this aura of primitive elegance. Take a look at some of the ancient paintings inside and you’ll know. Eland, kudu and giraffe are rendered in distinct detail by San hunter-gatherers from a time long before. There are other caves, if you’re into this sort of thing, like Inanke, Bambata and Silozwane, only these three are set outside the Park.

The Matobo National Park can be accessed by road. There are easy signs that help you get there. What you most have to remember, though, is the beauty and explosion of variety that awaits you here in the Park. This is more than enough reason to pack up and head out.

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