Maquipucuna, Ecuador

Maquipucuna, Ecuador

Maquipucuna, Ecuador (credit)

Maquipucuna is a cloud forest reserve in Pichincha Province that covers up an area of 6 000 acres.

Maquipucuna Attractions

Maquipucuna is situated in the northwest of Quito and it takes about 2 hours drive in a car to reach this amazing area. What makes Maquipucuna so special is the great diversity of flora and fauna species that can be found in the park as it is included in ChocoAndino bio-geographic zone that is known to be as one of the most bio-diverse on the whole planet.

372 bird species, 1900 plant species and several rare animal species inhabit the region. The offered services available in the reserve include lodging as well as guided tours.



Maquipucuna Lodge

Maquipucuna Lodge (credit)

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