Mafia Island, Tanzania

Mafia Island, Tanzania

Mafia Island, Tanzania (credit)

A nice, small, tourist friendly and yet unspoiled – the Mafia Island is a superb destination for any traveler that wishes to watch the days go by in a calm, relaxing way, surrounded by some of the most amazing scenery one will ever find.

Mafia Island Attractions

There are no loud clubs or active nightlife in the Mafia island, but it has some other great opportunities to offer. In Mafia, beautiful seaside nature treasures can be enjoyed along with the cultural heritage from the past. Mafia is a great place for water-sport fans, especially those who are keen on snorkeling and scuba diving since corals, tropical fishes and other gems of African marine nature can be observed in the waters of Mafia.

Mafia Island Harbour, Tanzania

Mafia Island Harbour, Tanzania (credit)

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