Madonna di Campiglio – A Sensation Of Skiing And Exploration

Madonna di Campiglio

Madonna di Campiglio

What’s the best way to introduce a place this superb? In Italy, when you ask for the valley between the Brenta Dolomites and the glaciers of Adamello and Presanella, you’ll soon come to hear of a town standing at an altitude of 1550 meters. This ski resort in the Alps is the Madonna di Campiglio.

Madonna di Campiglio Ski Resort

It has one of the best sights and experiences in all of Europe waiting for you to taste, because winter time is also the ideal time for you to make the most of this ski resort. Standing up to its name, the Madonna di Campiglio affords you kilometers worth of ski runs and is a photographer’s paradise.

Madonna di Campiglio Ski Resort

Madonna di Campiglio Ski Resort

You’d think with all this fame the place will be over-crowded and noisy. Well, think again. It’s pretty calming and quiet. It’ll be difficult to believe this because you have there 57 lifts and 150 km of ski runs. This means a maximum of 31,000 people per hour can have fun there. The calm comes from the fact that this snow park stretches for 50,000 sq m, granting it enough room for everyone to have a great time.

There are different degrees of skiing difficulties available here, so be sure to opt for the right one for safety’s sake. You can see such variety along your ski. You have links up to the pistes to Pinzolo, Folgarida and Marilleva.

Pack adequately, especially cold-weather gear like hiking boots for snowy mountains, skiing gear and other important stuff you can easily find in a list online. Of course, the ski resort does have its entry costs and other fees, but if you’re looking to do something that’s free, head to Adamello-Brenta Natural Park. It’s very extensive (50,000 hectares) and has so many chances for walking, camping and mountain biking. You can do it all for free so long as you show proper paperwork to the authorities in charge.

Madonna di Campiglio, Italy - For the ultimate skiing experience

Madonna di Campiglio, Italy – For the ultimate skiing experience

For that truly Alpine experience, check out the land’s wonders outside this ski-resort town. Not only will you find breathtaking streams, valleys and lakes but you’ll also encounter Malghes, otherwise known as alpine shepherds’ huts and refuges.

Madonna di Campiglio is the place to go for that perfect ‘mountain’ experience. It has all the elements and more to prove this point and you also have so much to do here. It’s nothing short of miraculous that such an unreal landscape can exist in a world where people feel they’ve seen it all. Well, they haven’t seen Madonna di Campiglio yet.


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