Lucayan National Park, Bahamas

Ranked #8 in Bahamas Tourism

Bahamas is known to be a popular tourist destination; however there is always a certain part of people, who enjoy less crowded and bustling spots and if you recognize yourself to be one of them, we advise you to visit Lucayan National Park – beautiful yet tranquil and pleasant area.

Lucayan National Park, Bahamas

Lucayan National Park, Bahamas (credit)

Lucayan National Park Attractions

So what’s so special about this place – you probably wonder. Actually, there is plenty of reasons to come to see it but the most observable is the fact that in Lucayan National Park you will find world’s longest known and underwater cave systems, so one of the ways how to explore the area and its beauty is by going snorkeling. But if snorkeling is not your type of activity, simply take a stroll around the territory and enjoy the natural values located in the park.

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