Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia

Lower Zambezi National Park

Lower Zambezi National Park

Also referred to as the Zambezi National Park, you needn’t worry about how awesome it is because this is one place in Africa where you’ll be transported into a time where raw Nature and the wild side were appreciated. Yes, certain areas of the park are still undeveloped, but that only adds to the wild appeal of the place.

Lodges are adequate, so be sure to see which ones you prefer and how close they are to other park services. There are also canoe services to help get you around by picking you up from Lusaka, Chirundu or Kariba, so looking into that can save you some time. Other travel opportunities depend on the season, and doing your research can save you plenty of time and money.

There are so many things to do here in the Zambezi National Park. Fishing and canoeing are two of the simple favorites. Tiger fish and bream, vundu and catfish, and more besides await the eager fisher and his hook. If you’ve settled into a lodge, ask if they have canoes to help take you around. About five day trips are run each day, and the River is an excellent way to enjoy the Park’s scenic views, flora and fauna.

The Kariba Lake and even River Zambezi has remote side-channels and islands, all of which could do with a nice exploration, so be sure to ask your guide about these things. Seeing as how this is Africa, you needn’t be told to bring sunscreen, bug creams (no sprays, because of environmental laws) and other important necessities you feel may be hard to find on arrival.

Male Waterbuck

Male Waterbuck

Getting up close to the wildlife is one of the most productive experiences in the Park. Helping get you that experience are adventure companies like Taonga Safaris, Livingstone’s Adventure, Zambezi Adrenaline Company (offering bungee jumping), Bundu Adventures (offering canoeing too) and others.

Camping is yet another cool way to experience all the Park has to offer. You’ll find plenty of camps, no doubt there, but be certain you fulfill the requirements each camp demands of you. This is very important lest the overall experience be affected. You can easily find out such details from your lodge, guide or online.

The Chiawa Game Management Area is one must-see region inside the Park. It’s where you can appreciate another veritable African ecosystem thrive. The key is to take plenty of flash-free (so as not to startle the animals) photographs. The flora and fauna in this Park are worth every shot.

June through September is the suggested time of season to pack up and head to the Zambezi National Park. However, certain park attractions and services are best at other times of the year.

Remember, to go to a Park this vast and this well-maintained means you need to do your research and settle on all the points you’ll like to enjoy when visiting a place as incredible as the Lower Zambezi National Park.

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