Longest Road in the World – A Memorable Drive or Ride

Longest Road in the World - Pan American Highway

Longest Road in the World – Pan American Highway

Every country in the world lays claim to some sort of highway or roadway that could well be the longest road in the world. But, only one takes the cake. This is the Pan American Highway. When you have a road that traverses North America, Canada and Mexico, you can be sure to have a long ride or drive ahead of you with plenty of sights to see and adventures to have.

Of course, there’ll be pit stops along the way, adding to the variety. 16,000 miles of unbroken road is no mean thing. A road trip on the Pan American Highway can be more than merely fulfilling. Don’t worry, if you’re looking for a quiet time that’s possible too. Whether its parties or setting up a tent and reading, you can experience whatever you want along your trip on this highway wonder.

A must-see zone when you go on a road trip along the Pan American is the Darien Gap. This is a 50-mile stretch of rainforest that you’ve simply got to check out. The road doesn’t exactly connect here, making for a gap. But that didn’t stop the Pan American Highway from entering the Guinness book.

To give you a clearer idea of the starting and finishing points of this Highway, it begins at Fairbanks, Alaska, and ends all the way down at Brasilia, Brazil. Now, that’s a whopping stretch of road, if ever there is one.

Longest Road in the World Top Contenders

There are other similar roadways across the globe that come close to the sheer length of the Pan American. You have the Australia Highway 1, Trans Siberian Highway, Trans Canada Highway and Tarim Desert Highway. But none of them compares to what America has running through her.

When taking a road trip on the Pan American remember to pack light or you’ll find all that luggage a hassle. Take camping equipment, though. There’ll come many an opportunity for you to set up camp, relax and have fun. Sunscreen is another important factor to include and also cash. Not many places along the Highway take cards. Also, don’t forget to pack tyre-changing tools and two to three spares will be great.

After that, get your engines started and take a ride or drive on the longest road in the world, the Pan American Highway.

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